Church Planting

We plant churches to advance the cause of the gospel

From the beginning, our vision was not just to plant a church, but also to be a church planting-church. As new churches are planted among Austin’s diverse communities, more people will hear the gospel, be connected to a church, and become agents of spiritual renewal in our city.

Church planting calls us to care more about the kingdom of God than our own glory, and to prioritize the good of our city over our own comfort. It isn’t easy, but it is beautiful because it harnesses our creativity, resources, gifting, and faith. We were made for this kind of adventure: “be fruitful and multiply.”

This has led me to a simple and serious conviction: every church—regardless of size or development stage—should be involved in church planting in some way. It would be naïve (and perhaps foolish) to say that every church must plant another church; there are simply too many variables for that to be mandated. But every church should be connected to the work of gospel multiplication through church planting. Read the full article -Ross Lester

How is Providence involved in the work of church planting?

We Pray.

We Partner.

We Give.

We Train.

We Plant.