Life Together

Depending on your background, church membership may sound exclusive, or perhaps meaningless. We view membership as an opportunity for any Christian to partner with others in a particular mission, to receive spiritual protection and care, and to grow in grace through instruction and accountability. If this is your desire, then we want to help you discern if God is calling you into the community and mission of Providence Church. Our process is outlined below.


As a first step toward membership, we invite you to get to know us and experience our DNA by attending gathered worship on Sundays and joining a Gospel Community (GC). We have intentionally structured the life of our church around these two core strategies. Together they provide the key ingredients for spiritual formation and worship. A good rule of thumb is to be faithfully present on Sundays and in a GC for six months before attending the new member class.

Connect With a GC


We host a biannual membership process where you can learn more about Providence and what it means to be a member. The process lasts 6-8 weeks and focuses on our DNA, theology, values, ministry philosophy, and membership commitments. You will also have a chance to reflect upon God’s saving grace in your life, engage with others going through the process, and meet with one of the pastors. All of this is designed to foster community and help discern God’s leading.

Attend Next Class


At the end of the new member process, we have a commissioning service where we share a meal, pray together, and formally commit to God’s work in and through this community. To learn more about the specific commitments we make, you can read our membership covenant, which is a biblical way of defining the expectations and responsibilities that God has for His people. It clarifies what we believe and the sort of lifestyle to which we will hold each other accountable.

Read the Covenant


Why does Providence have “members”?

What’s the difference between a member and someone who just goes to Providence?

Why should I become a member?

What is a “Member Covenant”?

What do I have to believe to be a member?

Do members have to be baptized?