We currently publish three podcasts, which are available to stream, subscribe, and download at all the normal places. You can also click the images below to visit the individual podcast pages, where you can copy the feed to paste into any podcast player of your choice.


Sermon Podcast

Listen to weekly gospel-centered teaching from one of our pastors. You can also head over to the Sermons page to listen, download, and quickly navigate through our sermon archive.



Meet the Church

Meet the Church is our podcast geared towards helping you get to know people at Providence. Each episode is an interview with someone in our church—a behind-the-scenes look into people’s interests and talents, family background, successes and failures, personal quirks, and more.


Journey to the Cross

Journey to the Cross is a daily liturgy podcast for Lent. Each week of the podcast is focused on a different theme that captures the content and tone of the Lenten season. Episodes consist of table discussions, daily readings, and songs recorded by our music team.