Gospel Communities

Helping each other believe and apply the gospel in every area of life

Church is a family. A Gospel Community (GC) is a place where you can experience that reality. We extend grace, speak truth, deal with conflict, meet needs, and invite others in. Our groups meet throughout the week and across the city. Anyone is welcome, any time. It’s a wonderful mess, in the way that families often are, but we are learning to love one another as Jesus loved us.

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Gospel Community Leaders

Sundays / 10AM

Trey & Kyrsten Arbuckle

Sundays / 10AM

Will & Katie Fowler

Sundays / 10AM

Steve & Kate Zinnecker

Mondays / 7PM

Matt Halvorson & Angela Amaya

Mondays / 7PM

Matt & Caroline LaFollette

Mondays / 7PM

Sam & Brigette Moore

Mondays / 7PM

Alex & Hannah Moser

Tuesdays / 8PM

Jordan & Darby Hurst

Tuesdays / 6:30PM

Colby & Emily Humphrey

Tuesdays / 7PM

Daniel & Ellie Rogers

Tuesdays / 7PM

John & Chelsea Scharbach

Wednesdays / 7:45PM

John & Evonne Griffin

Wednesdays / 7PM

Jake & Melanie Hebert

Mondays / 6:30PM

Mark & Laura McKnight

Wednesdays / 7:30PM

Ashwin & Grace Rao

Fridays / 7:00PM

Baird & Monica Smith


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