D-Group Gathering

February 16, 2019

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What Is a D-Group?

A discipleship group (“D-group”) is a small group of people from within the same Gospel Community who meet weekly for the purpose of spiritual formation (growing in godliness). These D-Groups are not separate from GCs, rather they are playing a specific role of formation in the GC. If GCs are leveraging more of the communal aspects of formation, then D-Groups are geared towards the discipline of formation. D-Groups will focus on cultivating the practice of three spiritual disciplines: Scripture reading (Gospel Content), confession and accountability (Gospel Community), and prayer for missional life (Gospel Cause).

What Should a Typical Meeting Look Like?

Content should be centered on God’s Word. Therefore, each group will decide on a book of the Bible and agree upon the pace they will go through it (a chapter a week is a good starting point). Every member of the D-group reads the passage several times throughout the week and writes out some reflection thoughts. This is important so that people are actually getting into God’s Word and it isn’t compartmentalized to just the meeting time.

As the norm, you will discuss the passage for the week, talk about the details of your lives, and pray for one another using the Discussion Flow template below. As you go from week to week and build relationships with each other, you are following up on conversations, inquiring about how one another are doing spiritually, and holding each other accountable for growing as disciples.

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