Ecclesiastes Guide

July 9, 2021

This reading guide was created in the summer of 2021 for our preaching series in the book of Ecclesiastes (Finding God in a Fallen World). The main part of the book presents to us the teaching of a wise sage. He has seen and done it all (really), and now he is here to share what he has learned. But he doesn’t spoon feed us. Like a philosophy professor, he asks questions and creates tension. His words are like goads, provoking and prodding us.

He wants us to ask the question: How do we find God in this puzzling world?

The answer is refreshingly simple, but getting there is a difficult journey. Along the way we will have to confront our false hopes and limitations. We will have to let go of our desire for control. Then, from that place of humility and trust, we will learn afresh how to enjoy our lives with God. 

The purpose of this resource is to help us read patiently and reflectively, because that is the only way to receive the wisdom offered in this book. 

This guide offers a simple plan for reading, studying, and reflecting on the scriptures. Each week there will be three touch points that focus on the passage related to the sermon from the previous Sunday. Here’s the flow for each week:  

  • Day 1: Read the chapter(s) and take note of key words. You could probably read more than once.
  • Day 2: Read the chapter(s) and answer a few questions designed to help you dig deeper into the text.
  • Day 3: Read the chapter and answer a few questions designed to help you reflect and apply what you are learning.

We pray that this guide would help you meditate on God’s word and learn to enjoy him right where you are.

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