Emerging Leaders Group

*Application deadline is January 24, limited space available

Our Emerging Leaders Group is a year-long program, designed to prepare up-and-coming leaders for ministry roles in our church (e.g. GC Leader, Deacon, PK & Youth Teacher). Effective ministry is rooted in a personal walk with God and understanding of the gospel, a track record of faithfulness, and a commitment to healthy relationships. Therefore the program focuses on spiritual disciplines, spiritual formation, gospel-fluency, and discipleship.

Program Details

You can email Todd Stewman with any questions that are not answered below.


Emerging leaders (see program commitments).


The program is comprised of weekly meetings, group discussions, reading assignments, projects, and personal discipleship within the context of a mentor relationship. It will feel more like a small group than a class, and it is co-ed (with some gender specific breakouts).

When & Where

Group starts on Feb. 8th and will meet on Tuesday mornings from 6:30-8:00 AM at the Providence office. The year will be divided into quarters. We will meet 7 weeks per quarter with a break of several weeks in between each quarter.


This cohort is aimed at personal growth and preparation for spiritual leadership. Specific roles are always based on qualification, fit, and need. In other words, this is not a “guarantee” of any future roles or positions. It is an opportunity to grow and discern God’s leading.


$75 (let us know if this is prohibitive)

Program Commitments

Given the purpose and commitment level of the group, applicants should meet the following criteria:


You are a healthy member of Providence (i.e. living into our six membership commitments)

Gospel Community

You are faithfully active in your GC. This program is not a substitute for GC, but could replace your D-Group if you need to make space.


People in our church can commend your character and heart to serve others. You have demonstrated repentance & freedom from disqualifying patterns of sin (e.g. sexual immorality, addiction, divisiveness, greed).


You have time and capacity to participate in this group (we ask that you miss no more than 1 meeting per quarter, and complete all reading assignments and projects)

If you meet these qualifications and aspire to spiritual leadership in the church, apply below.

Emerging Leader Application

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