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Women’s Fall Bible Study

Course Overview

We will be using Sarah Ivill’s Isaiah Study. Studying the book of Isaiah is a great place to start to learn humility. Isaiah uses ‘holy’ to describe God more than all the other Old Testament books combined and then reveals a way that God can make us holy – because Christ’s humility leads to our holiness.

When is it?

There are two options this semester:

GROUP 1 (Fridays)
Day: Sep. 17- Nov. 19
Time: 10:00am-11:30am
Location: University Avenue
Leaders: Katie Fowler & Ashley Haug

GROUP 2 (Wednesdays)
Day: Sep. 8 – Dec. 1 (except Sep. 15)
Time: 6:30am-8:00am
Location: 2806 W 50th Street 78731
Leader: Lucy Anne Ray

** If you are interested in a virtual option please let us know.

Will there be childcare?

For group 1, yes. Make sure you fill out that part of the form below. For group 2, no.

How do I get the book?

Please order the book yourself from Amazon: Sarah Ivill’s Isaiah Study. Once you have received the book, please try and complete chapter one before your group meets.

Will there be homework?

Yes, but not too much. Part of the purpose of this group is to help us read God’s word more consistently. So there will be some study required each week, but it will be very doable in terms of time commitment.

Registration deadline

September 8. Register here. 

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