Music Team Auditions

Our mission at Providence is to help each other believe and apply the gospel in every area of life. One of our primary strategies for doing that is our gathered worship on Sundays. Therefore, by helping to lead the congregation in praise of our Triune God, our musicians play a vital role in the mission of our church. We do this through a formational liturgy, and we rely heavily on our musicians to help create a Gospel-formed service with undistracted excellence.

Our weekly worship service at Providence is a family gathering, and we desire for our music team to be comprised wholly of musicians within our church family who are using their gifts to build up the body. Toward that end, we are always looking to add members to our music team! In order to help achieve that goal, we are hosting music team auditions on March 3.

Start looking through the list of potential audition songs.

Audition Details

If you are an interested musician/vocalist, here are the details you will need:


Sunday, March 3rd starting at 1:00pm


UA Sanctuary


Click here for a full list of the skills and competencies we are looking for in our musicians. In addition to being a good fit musically, team members must regularly attend our Sunday gatherings, as well as be active members of a Gospel Community. If you need help finding a GC, let us know.

What to Expect

We hope these auditions will be relaxed and fun and are looking to get an authentic feel for you as a musician and as a person. There will be 2 or 3 Providence leaders in the room helping to run the auditions and take helpful notes. You will be asked sing/play while accompanied by one of our leaders, who will play either guitar or piano along with you. We will also have a metronome (click track) to aid with tempo. Each audition will last roughly 15 minutes, after which you are free to head out. A few days later, we will send you some basic feedback and notes on your audition, and we will talk with you about your potential fit on our team.

How to Prepare

Choose any 3 of the 6 songs provided and prepare to play/sing them like you hear in the recordings. We recommend downloading a metronome app like “Tempo” to help you rehearse.

Vocalists: We want to hear you sing melody (lead) on one song and harmony on two songs. On the song you choose to sing melody, find a key that feels right and the accompaniment will adjust.

Instrumentalists: We ask that you play the songs in the keys provided. Acoustic guitarists are free to capo to a more comfortable key, though we would like to see multiple chord formations and knowledge of the fretboard, if possible.

Electric guitarists and Pianists: we want to see your ability to play simple rhythm parts (chords) as well as lead lines, so plan to vary your playing throughout a song.

Note: If you are struggling to find a specific part, plan to play the chords or ad lib and just play/sing along. We would rather hear your confident tone, creativity, and musicianship than the specific parts in the recording. Click here for all audition charts and recordings.

Basic Music Team Commitments

We ask everyone to commit for a full calendar year to serve (at least) once a month and participate in team meetings (1-2 per year). On weeks you are on, we ask you to prepare ahead of time by looking through the songs and playing through your parts. You should expect to spend 30-60 minutes preparing. On Sundays, you need to arrive at 8:00am for stage setup and rehearsal.

Sign Up to Audition

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