Jesus, Messiah (On Him)

December 1, 2017

Category Audio

Verse 1:

Jesus, the anointed of the Lord, comes to heal creation, bring shalom
The good physician cures our condition, removes affliction
And our broken hearts make whole

Verse 2:

He will reign to judge in equity, to proclaim the year of jubilee
The King of heaven will break oppression, in righteous judgement
Let all prisoners be set free

Chorus 1:

On Him, rests the Spirit of the Lord
Good news he declares to the poor
He heals, liberates and restores so our praise we will pour
Forevermore, on Jesus

Verse 3:

He will come to comfort we who mourn, all our tears will one day be no more
The Man of sorrows brings joy tomorrow, for death was swallowed
And the veil he has torn


Glory in the highest, Born is Jesus, Messiah
All of our desires Are met in Jesus, Messiah


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