The Bennett GC

One thing you should know about our group: our dinner game is on point! We strongly believe that a robust and full bodied Bible study pairs well with an aromatic and hearty meal. Our group is a pretty diverse community built around solid friendship that gathers each week to talk about how the truth of God’s Word intersects with our actual lives.

The Buter & Amaya GC

Come hungry—for dinner and for community. Our group believes the Tuesday night meeting is just one portion of the GC experience and encourages group gatherings throughout the week and on weekends—whether at restaurants, porches, pickleball courts or community outreach projects. The Sunday service and Tuesday discussion fill us up with the gospel and propel us into the week and into the community. We are energetic, active (sometimes loud), and love supporting each other as we learn more about our great God and how He is working in our lives and in the lives of our neighbors.

The Scharbach GC

Affectionately known as the “best” GC, The Scharbach group meets in living rooms on the east side, where you can always expect witty one-liners, homemade bread, and a tight schedule. Some of the members work in tech, some are mommas, some build things, and some grow things. They love welcoming new people and often send out group emails for spontaneous weekend dinners and game nights.

The Smith GC

The Smith GC is a multi-life stage collection of folks that range in age from toddler to the sixties. Currently, we meet, kids and all, the first and third Tuesday each month for a meal, discussion, and prayer at 5:30p. The men meet on the second Tuesday at 7:30p, and the women meet on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00p. We serve at All God’s Children together the last Wednesday of every month. We would love for you to join us!

The Threlkeld GC

Transition your weeks well and join Tuesday nights with the Threlkeld GC. We are a group that invites rich discussion around applying God’s words to our lives as disciples today. Together, this crew is working on deepening our friendships and faith, supporting each other through life’s ups and downs, and learning more about God’s character and truth. We typically range from mid 20s to 30s in age, with a mix of singles, married and young families. But all are welcome to come be a part of our group!

The Walker GC

We love honest conversation, laughter, and the occasional friendly competition (yes, there is a traveling trophy up for grabs). We welcome a diverse group of people to join us as we help each other believe and apply the gospel in all of life.