The Griffin GC

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of of our GC is diversity. From our age range, backgrounds, vocations, to life stages, we are all quite different. Though we’re different in many ways, we are the same in our commitment to genuine community and our relentless pursuit of the gospel. We work together to take care of each other and have seen God come through in mighty ways over the past 3 years. Needless to say, we are not without flaw and sometimes like to settle things the ole fashioned way, with an arm wresting match!

The Hebert GC

The Hebert (pronounced A-BEAR) GC meets up in the Jollyville area on Wednesday nights. We do life together with playdates, pick-up basketball games, our annual ladies’ weekend getaway, and any excuse to throw a good party! We’ve gotten pretty great at Care Calendars and baby showers over the last few years and the kids now outnumber the adults. We are in the thick of it together and strive to continually point each other to the Gospel in our parenting, our careers, and our relationships.

The McKnight GC

The McKnight GC meets weekly, and our group is full of working professionals, graduate students, parents, and lots of young children! Our gatherings rotate each week so that each month includes a gathering of men, women, men and women separately, and a family night when little ones join for the fun. Our group loves to care for and encourage each other in our walks to experience God’s love and serve others.

The Urbis GC

The Urbis GC meets on Wednesday nights in the Judge’s Hill neighborhood to dig into God’s Word and apply the Gospel to our lives. Our group represents singles, married couples, and young families, who are interested in sharing the ups and downs of life together in community. Our group can be found serving with Mission Possible, eating meals together (often a Flo’s pizza run before GC), and celebrating Friendsgiving in style.

The Walker GC

The Walker GC meets weekly and ranges from those in their mid 20’s – 40’s, with a mix of working professionals and young families. We welcome a diverse group of people to join us as we help each other believe and apply the gospel in all of life.